Special thanks to Dr. Nick Fox and Jevgeni Shergalin from the Falconry Heritage Trust who responded to the initial enquiry into Turkish Falconry and then provided various contacts and information and to the trustees of the Falconry Heritage Trust who have provided funding for this site.

Special thanks to our friends in Turkey. Doğan Simit, Ali baycýn and Barlas Potukonen for kindly contributing images, poems and songs for this web site and answering so many numerous questions.

Special thanks to the Falconers in the Black Sea region that have made our stay wonderful and some who were met at the Falconry Festival at Reading, UK in 2009. Kemal Özbayraktar and his wife, Mustafa Memoğlu, Hızır Yoğurtcu and his son Metin Yoğurtcu, Salih Doğrusadık, Şeref Demircioğlu, Mehmet Kural, Bülent Akdemir and his family, Enver Sütlü, Tasin Emiroğlu, Ersin Emiroğlu and any others that have not been named.

Special thanks to the Mayor of Arhavi Municipality (Arhavi Belediye Başkani), Coşkun Hekimoğlu who took an interest in our visit to the area and showed kind hospitality during our stay.

Special thanks to Dick Osseman for permission to use images for this web site.

Special thanks to Dr. Ewa Lukaszyk (author, University of Warsaw) for kind permission to include her publication 'Mediterranean Falconry as a cross-cultural Bridge: Christian-Muslim hunting encounters' from the 'Birthday Beasts' Book: Cultural Studies in Honour of Jerzy Axer' in this web site.

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